Water Data 4 Action WIS

A simple and easily accessible information system to help people use and manage water and their watersheds better!

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Global Watershed map

All watersheds in the information system can be accessed via a global watershed map. When watershed locations are clicked the information for that watershed is presented.

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Uses of the system

The Watershed Information System can be used for sustainable watershed management, stakeholder engagement, awareness raising, education and water stewardship implementation.

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How can I use the system

The information in the watershed information system is accessible to everyone. If you want to use the system for your own watershed please contact us below.

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Global Watershed map

Examples of uses

The system has been used for example in Colombia to help producers, local communities, water and irrigation managers and conservationists understand basic things on their watershed and get them involved in watershed management action. The system helped local stakeholders to better understand the geography and locations of the watershed itself and water uses in it. In the South of Spain it is used to collect and order the information required for certification under the global waterstewardship standard.

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If you want to use the system yourself, you can access the watershed information through the global map to see what you can put in the system. If you want to use it for your own watershed or site, please send us a message.

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The WaterData4Action information system is a mobile first webapp that has been developed by Good Stuff International B.V. as part of its WaterData4Action service - 2016

All data and information in the system has been generated by Good Stuff International and is available for public use.
If you want to access the raw data or provide to insert information please contact us.

This website only uses open source data, software and code. Sofware and code used are: QGIS, PHP and MySQL, Leaflet, Chartist Javascript libraries as well as bootstrap HTML, CSS, and JS framework to develop a mobile first website. We say thanks to all that have contributed!